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I assume you do not have the original shipping boxes AP uses?

AP ships them with custom foam that encases the mounts RA & DEC axis. There are 4 boxes. They include the RA axis, the Dec axis, the counterweight shaft, and a box that includes the accessories.

As to the hand controller I forget because I kept the controller from my Mach1 and never needed another with my 1100, 1600, or Mach2 mounts.

I would be very careful as to how the mount is packaged. Perhaps AP can send you the two boxes they use for the RA & DEC axis at a cost but I believe well worth it. They ship world wide and know how to make sure they arrive in one piece.

What I do when I ship any AP equipment is DOCUMENT,
DOCUMENT, and DOCUMENT. By that I mean take pictures. I show pictures as I pack each component. Then at the shipper once all labels are on the box I take 3 pictures of each box.

In the above picture taken at FedEx you will note numbers I put on each corner of the entire box. Also note that the box is at an angle with the corner closest to the camera lens. All you have to do is take this picture then rotate the box 180° and take your second picture. Now flip the box over with the bottom up and take your last picture. You now have
DOCUMENTED this box with 3 pictures prior to the shipper accepting the package. Do this to each box. If something were to happen you can prove how you packaged it and the condition of each box.

Here is what I have in my notes as to weight & size of the 1100:

19" long X 15" wide X 16" high @ 31 lbs
16.5" long X 12.5" wide X 16" high @ 21 lbs

Make sure the RA & DEC axis are locked down. That's how I did it.

In this video I did you can see an example of what AP does in shipping mounts. It should start at the proper point in the video.

Hope this helps.     tony

On 2/17/2021 5:08 AM, Horia wrote:


I would like to have some details about the best way to package an AP1100 and would like to know how Astro-Physics ships it.


Does it originally come in one or more boxes? What are their dimensions and how heavy are they?


If in one box, does it come in one piece with RA and DEC bolted together?


Should the worm be coupled to the gear? Does it matter? 


Is the hand controller in the same box?


Kind regards



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