Re: So, I hear that the 1100 notifications have began, along with a 21% price increase...

Don Anderson

Hear Hear Robert! Same goes for me with my 2009 AP900GOTO CP3. As good(probably better) than the day I got it and my other AP accessories.

Don Anderson

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Marj, Roland, Karen and crew members:

You & Roland and the team at Astro-Physics produce some of the BEST technology driven, mechanically, electronically (and optically) engineered products in the World.  I realize they are expensive to make.  My AP-GTO-900 Mount, which I use on a regular basis, performs as well as It did at first light, in December, 1998, and so goes for my AP StarFire 155mm f/7, oil-spaced apochromat OTA Refracting telescope, which I cherish to this day.  I am 71 YOA now; my AP gear will long outlast my living self.

Astro-Physics gear is very expensive, but represents and holds it’s great VALUE, even at current price points. AP is: “The Best astronomy-gear at a fair price-value”.

Besides, from the offers I get for this assembly, AP is a pretty good investment, if one cares for their equipment.

Clear skies everyone, and stay safe and warm.   Bob Sinitiere, Baton Rouge, La.

On Feb 16, 2021, at 12:56 PM, Marj Christen <marj@...> wrote:

I should clarify that the costs that played into this increase are not specifically related to our present Covid situation or people working from home. The costs have built up over the years  and while we should have increased a few percent each year to cover them, we chose not too. Hence, a large sticker shock when it comes all at once. I apologize for that, but it is important to us that we continue to keep our level of quantity and service.


The 1100GTO is a full-featured robotic or portable mount that is machined, finished and assembled with love. I hope that people will consider it if it meets their observing needs.  



Clear Skies,

Marj Christen


11250 Forest Hills Road

Machesney Park, IL 61115

Phone: 815-282-1513


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Thank you Karen, I have shared this information on the relevant CN thread. I'm sure COVID has played havoc with your cost structure in general. Given I was purchasing the 1100GTO as my 'lifetime mount', I'm still onboard and patiently waiting mine.

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