Re: So, I hear that the 1100 notifications have began, along with a 21% price increase...

Francois Regembal

Hi all,

I too am on a dealer's list to purchase one of these beauties. I used to own an AP1200 that worked flawlessly for many years and I am looking forward to the AP1100.
Having said that... I don't believe that a sudden increase of 21% is the right thing to do. Regular increases over time are a lot easier to justify with regards to keeping track to inflation than this quantum jump in price. This is very disappointing: some of us save money over time to afford these items and all of a sudden, we get close to not being able to afford them, right at the gate when they become available after patiently waiting for over a year, sometimes a lot longer.
I know I'll forget all about the price I paid once this mount will be in my backyard, running smoothly under the stars... but still...


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