Re: So, I hear that the 1100 notifications have began, along with a 21% price increase...

Karen Christen

Hello Tom and Astro-Nuts,


I apologize that we did not formally announce that notifications for the 1100GTO started last Friday.  As many of you know, the production run for this mount began about a year ago but was severely hampered by the pandemic and a resultant shutdown.  Even now we have 25% of our staff working from home, which we’ve discovered is incredibly inefficient and costly.  Still, we’re chugging along with production and expect to ship the first mounts in March.


The price of the 1100GTO has not changed for many years and we did not establish the new price until early last week, while also including APCC-PRO with all versions of the mount.  We did not accept any orders or deposits from anyone – including dealers/vendors – until last Friday.  We’re aware some vendors were requiring a deposit to secure a spot on their list, however this was not our policy and we strongly discourage this practice. 


With that said, we could have done a better job of signaling an upcoming price change by removing the old price from our website.  Our website platform does not allow us to remove the price unless we also remove the Notify Me button.  We want people to be able to put their name on the interest list, so this was not a viable option.  Last night we figured out a way to do this – you may notice the price of the 1600GTO shows $0, price to be determined.  In future we’ll be sure to be more transparent.  Again, I apologize for misleading folks. 


Lastly, we’re aware Cloudy Nights and other platforms are popular places to share information, and that they require express permission to quote someone else.  You have my permission to share any of this information verbatim on those platforms. 


The 1100GTO is a workhorse mount and is guaranteed to provide many years of trouble-free performance.  We hope those of you interested in this mount still consider it a good value.  


Karen Christen




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Subject: [ap-gto] So, I hear that the 1100 notifications have began, along with a 21% price increase...


I thought we were supposed to hear about it here?
Well now we know.  It does seem though that a 21% price increase is a bit excessive no?

Karen Christen

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