Screen shot on a coooold night (Gonna shoot tonight - it's clear and BRRRRR)

Roland Christen

So it's now -11F outside and still dropping. Mount's tracking well, no issues with anything mechanical or electronics. Mach 2 is running smooth as butter. Guider scale is 1.16 arc sec per pixel with multi-star guiding, 5 seconds guide exposure.

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The Mach2 balances easily regardless of temperature. It has clutches, so the one thing that is different from the Mach1 is that the clutch end is on needle bearings versus the Mach1 bushing. The Mach1 also allowed the user to back off the worm so that the axis could swing free. But this has a downside if the user inadvertently does this in the wrong place with a huge imbalance. You can run the tops of the teeth over each other and cause damage. The Mach2 does away with that. No chance that the gear teeth can ever be damaged. Clutchless mounts have no other way to allow the axis to swing free - they must allow backing the worm teeth off the worm wheel.


Roland Christen

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