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Roland, You are ALL better and tougher men than am I.  Roland, you are perpetually a 25 year old lad.  I’m 71 now, and feeling it in my joints.  Bob
PS:  Clear skies, it is cloudy here.

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Oh yeah! I'm well aware but have experienced colder in the past. 10 minutes working with the computer is about the limit, but I have nice warm tea inside. Right now mount and camera are working well. Transparency is super, seeing is horrid. We'll see what we get.


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Man, don’t get hypothermic or frostbite! Keep those fingers and toes warm. Good Luck!!


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I'm going to give it a try with my Mach2 in sub-zero F temps. It's brilliantly clear (YAY!) but below zero (Wahh!). I hope my laptop doesn't freeze up on me. Wish me luck.

Testing continues primarily to see where and if the normal temp encoders will fail to operate in sub-zero conditions. So far they work fine but we have not seen -20F yet. Maybe Sunday night - Monday morning. Coldest it's ever been in Northern Illinois is -32F, but haven't seen that in the last 10 years.


Roland Christen

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