Re: Mach2 Guide rate and question about gear meshing.

Micheal Fields Jr

I think it is because Daleen had my name ae instead of ea when she registered me?  Not sure.  I was talking to her about APCC Pro.  The invoice does have my name ae instead of ea too.  But that isn't anyone's fault.  My name is spelled some weird old Irish spelling.  And Yes please send me the instructions to adjust it a bit.  I took the covers off as you suggested and I can see how it works I believe.  My first instinct would be to break loose the top nut which has red lock on it.  Then back out the spring plunger bolt about 1/8th of a turn and then tighten up the nut again and test.    Awaiting genuine instructions.  

My serial is M20094  Invoice # 59566-S2

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