Re: How long for UNGUIDED imaging with non AE mounts?

Emilio J. Robau, P.E.

I guess you should also remodel every time you do some load changes or tweaking of balance?   


I have to comment, potentially adversely to AP sales.   The non-encoder option is so freaking accurate that sometimes I don’t know why people even buy it.   I love my mount.  In fact, I am thinking of giving it a bath for Valentine’s day.  You know, a private thing in the observatory…. 


Seriously, the other item I want to comment on is the fact that it is kind of silly to set tracking times on PH-2 of 5 seconds when you can really go much much longer without doing supplemental tracking at all.  How long are people setting the exposure times?

Does the model add that much more accuracy to the tracking?


Finally, I guess having the encoders is like once you have the encoders you really appreciate their functionality?   If so, I am just going to avoid them, because right now my love for my 1600 is deep and there is no need to ruin a good relationship.


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