Mach2 Guide rate and question about gear meshing.

Micheal Fields Jr

What is the recommended guide rate setting?  My experience with premium mounts is that you reduce the guide rate.  The other mount I am using recommends .20 or .25 and I've been pretty happy with that.  

I think I saw somewhere the recommended with the Mach2 is 1.0x?  

But maybe your experience is different and you have a different value. I am using the latest nightly PHD2 with multi star guiding.

Next question is about gear meshing.  Specifically the RA.   I had rain predicted for today so I brought my gear inside and set it up in my kitchen so I could work on my camera spacing with a new precise parts adapter that came in the mail yesterday.  While I was carrying the mount into the house the saddle plate was up against my tummy and I could feel something that felt loose.  When I set it back on the tripod and bolted everything down tight, I  could wiggle the saddle and feel something click/clack .  I then followed the movement by eye and could see the entire RA had some movement.  The alignment marks for RA showed a bit of movement.   I didn't notice this before.  Now if I hold on to the OTA and wiggle it, I can hear it click/clack as it moves.  The weight is far under capacity with a C11 and a one shot color camera.  No filter wheels or rotators etc.    Here is a short video showing what I am experiencing.   What is interesting is that when making a model I was noticing some results that I thought were very strange depending on what side of the meridian it was  on but I assumed it was the fact I focus with my primary mirror so it moves.  However guiding was less than amazing too but again I had an excuse which was clouds moving in and that messes with the  guide stars.   So please take a look and tell me if this is normal.  Thanks!   Note: if you turn your volume up or use headphones you can hear it too.

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