Re: Factory PEC curve, how is it generated?

Roland Christen

A precision encoder is attached to the RA axis and the resultant PE error is measured using software similar to PEMPro. We do about 5 cycles for each mount (takes about 1/2 hour for that measurement). The curve is calculated and downloaded into the CP and the error is measured again with PEM turned ON. The resultant curve is evaluated and if it's good, the mount goes thru the final testing stages.


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Subject: [ap-gto] Factory PEC curve, how is it generated?

This question is simply to satisfy my curiosity.  To create the factory installed PEC curve I assume each mount must be tested and track a star like source moving at sidereal rate for several worm gear cycles.  Doing this on a real star under the night sky would seem out of the question as it would require many clear nights and much time/effort to do for each mount produced.  That would seem to leave an artificial star that moves at a simulated sidereal rate on a test bench?  Or is there another method I haven't thought of, perhaps using encoders?


Roland Christen

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