Re: How long for UNGUIDED imaging with non AE mounts?

Roland Christen

I have gone up to an hour with 1000mm FL and 5.4 micron pixel camera. Some nights and in some places in the sky it doesn't work out as well. Theoretically if you have a good path mapped, you can go all night. Practically you will probably need to refocus every 20 minutes. In the early part of the night you will also have satellite trails, so it's better to have lots of 15 minute shots that can be Median combined to eliminate them.


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Subject: [ap-gto] How long for UNGUIDED imaging with non AE mounts?

Following on from an earlier thread, does anyone have any info on the length of unguided imaging possible using a 1100GTO or similar with a focal length of up to about 700mm? Assuming the mount is very well aligned.


Roland Christen

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