Re: How Good Can Guiding be With Non-AE Mount

Roland Christen

Depends how much the mount is used. Over time the periodic error changes shape, so what was in the mount when it was manufactures is not going to be accurate now. You have a super easy way to determine what is the PE and whether turning the PE correction on will make it better. All you need is a guide program like PHD2 or MaximDL.

Simply run the mount with guide corrections turned off for 15 - 20 minutes and record the cyclical motion of the guide star (ignore drift, just look at the cycles). You will see every 6.4 minutes the start of a new cycle, with each new cycle resembling the last one. Do this with PE OFF and then repeat with PE ON. Examine the results and make your judgement of what to do.


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Thanks Roland

Is there a recommended time limit for how long a PE curve can be used before it should be updated ? I am still using the original PE curve that was programmed into the mount when I bought it in March, 2017.


Roland Christen

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