Re: First light for a new camera

Dean Jacobsen

Hi Terri,

I have only had the camera out for one session.  Based on that single data point it does seem to be an excellent performer.  However, I haven't had a chance to use it very much.

There were several things [mostly theoretical at this point] that prompted the purchase of the camera though:

1.  I had been using my ASI1600MM for 3.5 years or so.  Thus, I thought I might have been approaching end of life for some of the camera's components so perhaps it was time to upgrade to a newer camera.

2.  I had seen the microlens effect with my telescope-filter-camera combination so I wanted to eliminate that.  There were objects that I had been avoiding because of the bright stars in the field,

3. I wanted to get the more sensitive camera.  The ASI1600 mono works great but the new back side illuminated detectors are quite a bit more sensitive so I want to take advantage of that and be able to convert more photons to electrons per unit time.  The QE data for the camera has been published on ZWO's product page for the camera.  They also have an ASI294MM vs. ASI1600MM QE graph. 

4. The ASI294MM has a much larger full well capacity at the gain that I will be using it at [~20k e- at unity gain  vs. ~ 8k e- for the ASI1600 at 76 gain] so I wanted to take advantage of that for preservation of the colors of the brighter stars in the field in my color filtered images.

Dean Jacobsen
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