Re: First light for a new camera

Emilio J. Robau, P.E.

The read noises are significantly lower than most CCDs.  Although I hate to admit it, CCD technology is not keeping up with the broader used CMOS technology.  The two new cameras are very interesting, but I would wait a little longer to purchase them as the end users finish up being beta testers for both QHY and ZWO.

The ASI 2600 and QHY 268 (Sony IMX 571) Mono are not widely available yet.  The first batch is being shipped now.   They are APS-C chips and look very very promising.  I will probably trade out my 16200 chip for this shortly when the first user adopters work out the bugs.   The difference in read noise and sensitivity is pretty stunning.  I will give up the size for being able to do NB with much much shorter exposures. 

I purchased the QHY 294 pro camera (Sony IMX492) Mono for the small pixel size at 2.3 or so microns but returned it and am waiting until the bugs are worked out to potentially repurchase it.  It is a very sensitive camera with a quirky chip.

I think these two cameras and price points are pretty dramatic advancements.  If we could only get the manufacturers to actually finish developeing their products before slinging it at the pay for testing user base, that would be great. 

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