Re: Mach2 question


Hi Harold,

Park 4 has dependency on latitude.  So, the first thing to check is that the (software) location matches the mechanical adjustment of the mount.  Sky Safari allows you to program your site information in to the mount from the "Scope Setup" screen, but the default is to NOT update the mount upon connect.  When you've connected with the "Set Time & Location" box checked, the mount will be updated.  The mount will remember this "site" forever, so you do not need to leave the box checked.  Make sure the altitude adjustment is consistent with the latitude reported by Sky Safari.

When the mechanical setup and the site information are in agreement, you can choose "Find Home" on the disconnect menu.  Home is in the Park 3 orientation.  Make sure "Home" matches park 3.

I hope you enjoy your new toy!

Mike Hanson

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