Re: First light for a new camera

Terri Zittritsch

Dean, thanks for posting the information.
Can you say what you think you're getting by replacing the ASI1600MM with the ASI294MM?     I have the ASI1600 and many great images are taken with this camera.   The biggest downside that I've noticed is the micro-lensing effect you can get on bright stars.     I know the ASI294 shows deeper well depth, and better DR, but do these directly relate to better images?     I know that some poo poo-ed the ASI1600 because it only has 12 bits of depth, but that didn't keep people from producing great images.     Since you've owned both, what are the benefits that you can see in the images?
Maybe a tough question.    I wonder if there is any micro-lensing?

I've recently purchase an ASI6200MM which is on my stowaway now.. and waiting to get a first image.   


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