Re: 2 Pier Observatory Scenario for Mach2 x2


Thanks for the feedback; much appreciated. Actually 8 ft. square is just the wooden deck, observatory itself is 7 ft. circle made of prefabricated plastic panels (SkyShed Pod).

As far crammed space goes, I feel that should be manageable in a primarily imaging setup (...I do see the need for space for visual observing though). I don't intend to have desk or other setup in there and most of the computing will be compactly mounted on the pier/s. FYI: I don't intend to guide with Mach2, my stated goal for all imaging in future. Following is the best case scenario I have come up with so far, at least on paper. Regards

Note: There will be bit more space on the wooden deck for other activities while imaging happens in the POD

1/2 the Radius Rule (for PODs)...

What I am proposing is putting piers at about the half-way point of the radius. This probably will be the simplest and safest approach as far selecting the pier center/s goes. Rest (latitude, scope size/type/number, etc.) will have to fall into place within certain limits. Regards

Note: Of course I'll be able vert it all out once I have all pieces in hand especially Mach2

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