What is the current status for Linux / Mac support via INDI or similar?

Henry Kwok

Although I have been using Windows / ASCOM. I am really keen to make a move to Mac/Linux. Software like CCDCiel and Ekos are maturing quickly and more importantly they are much less resource hungry and therefore can be run on low power device like a Raspberry Pi. I am particularly fond of CCDCiel and would like to make it my main imaging software. However the lack of reliable support for Astro-physics mount via INDI and Linux / Mac is preventing me from making the move completely. Specifically, the latest version of the INDI driver for AP mount appears to be problematic for some time.

Is there anyone who is using INDI in linux / Mac with an AP mount? I have a Mach 1 with a GTOCP3 box and V2 firmware, and I am from the Southern Hemisphere if it matters.


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