Re: Ap1200 / TheSkyX jog runaway

Roland Christen

I simply choose ASCOM under telescope setup. No need to specify a mount. See screen shot below:

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True to my previous experiences, I haven't been able to get ASCOM to work.  I downloaded ASCOMPlatform65SP1.exe and installed that.  Then I downloaded AstroPhysics_V2_Setup_5.30.10.exe and ran that.  Icons appeared on my desktop, and I was able to setup the telescope mount and run the APJog utility.  When I opened TheSkyX, however, there was no Astro-Physics GTO V2 Mount listed under either ASCOM or under Astro-Physics.  Under Astro-Physics, I found 1200 GTO and GTO Model Mount.  I can control the mount with either of these, but neither of them appears to be using ASCOM.  When I run APJog Utility, an AP_ASCOM log file is created, but not when I connect to the mount with TSX.  I found something on the ASCOM-Standards/FAQs site about a need for a special TeleAPIv5.94 driver for TheSky, but I think that relates to older versions of the program.  I'm missing something here.  Can someone help?

Roland Christen

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