ASCOM with AP1200 GTO and TheSkyX?

Allen Gilchrist

I tried to post this last night, but I don't think it got through.  I have not been able to get ASCOM to work with my AP1200 GTO and TheSkyX (TSX).  I downloaded ASCOMPlatform65SP1.exe to my Windows 10 observatory computer, and installed the ASCOM platform.  Then I downloaded Astrophysics_V2_Setup_5.30.10.exe and installed the AP1200 GTO driver.  I was able to set up the mount in the setup program, and then connect to the mount with the Jog program.  I could move the mount around and test many of the functions.  When I opened TSX, and tried to connect to the mount from there, however, there was no listing of AstroPhysice GTO V2 Mount under either the ASCOM or Astro-Physics tabs.  I did find something on the web about a special driver for TheSky, but the post it was several years old, and I think the current versions of TSX should work without it.  I'm missing something.  Can anyone help?


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