Re: Ap1200 / TheSkyX jog runaway

Ray Gralak


There is a section in the driver's help file that shows how to setup SkyX. Here is a link to the same information online:

Hint: With the driver window active, you can bring up context-sensitive help by clicking one of the tiny "?" buttons in the upper right corner of many of the group boxes. Also, you can press the F1 key to bring up the driver's help window.

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True to my previous experiences, I haven't been able to get ASCOM to work. I downloaded
ASCOMPlatform65SP1.exe and installed that. Then I downloaded AstroPhysics_V2_Setup_5.30.10.exe and ran
that. Icons appeared on my desktop, and I was able to setup the telescope mount and run the APJog utility.
When I opened TheSkyX, however, there was no Astro-Physics GTO V2 Mount listed under either ASCOM or
under Astro-Physics. Under Astro-Physics, I found 1200 GTO and GTO Model Mount. I can control the mount
with either of these, but neither of them appears to be using ASCOM. When I run APJog Utility, an AP_ASCOM
log file is created, but not when I connect to the mount with TSX. I found something on the ASCOM-
Standards/FAQs site about a need for a special TeleAPIv5.94 driver for TheSky, but I think that relates to older
versions of the program. I'm missing something here. Can someone help?

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