Re: Nanook of the North

Don Anderson

Good job Roland! Looking a lot like Calgary right now. I just got back in from shovelling. You have more snow than we have at this point but it is still coming downEmoji
Back when I was young in 1971 I worked up north of Ft McMurray. Temps got regularly down to -50F and even reached -70F for a couple of nights. Now that was cold! Axels on vehicles were froze solid!

Don Anderson

On Friday, February 5, 2021, 05:28:16 p.m. MST, Roland Christen via <chris1011@...> wrote:

Hi Fellow astronuts,

I'm clearing a path to the observatory so i can test mounts and scopes. Ice cold polar vortex heading our way with temps of -25 to -30 F. Perfect for cold weather testing. Of course that's probably on the warm side for you Canucs. I remember winters in the Soo when I was a kid and the outside temps dropped to 40 below. Twas no big deal for us kids. The house was small and there were 4 kids just itching to go sledding from on the roof down to the gully (snow as roof high). Parents sent us out to get out of their hair. Maybe they hoped we would get eaten by wolves. They probably loved us, but so would've the wolves. But I digress (and so should everyone in these uncertain times!)

Roland Christen

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