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Roland Christen

The clutch on the Mach1 is a brass plate and should have grease on it. The clutch locking system uses hard anodized pressure plates against a hard anodized hub. These should be lubricated also. It works similar to a automobile disc brake, so it can be fully locked down and won't slip even when lubricated. The lubrication from the grease smooth out the motion when the clutch knobs are unlocked.

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Hello Robert 
Now I am worried,you mention Grease I thought it must be a dry system there wasnt a bit of grease on any surface my last mount was a losmandy so I am used to stripping the mount down and regreasing.I have got silicone lube I used on the losmandy will that do and do I put quiet a bit on the clutch part

Roland Christen

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