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Jeff B

Curious.  A time zone spans a distance in longitude.  If I place identical cell phones, Ipads, GPS modules or what ever, at both sides of the time zone, will they read the same time or will they roll over to say, the next minute, at the same or different times?  Does universal time take care of that?

Ignorant Jeff

On Thu, Feb 4, 2021 at 8:50 PM Roland Christen via <> wrote:
If time is accurate, then it might be that your last recal or sync was so low on the horizon that the plate solved position is off by many minutes of arc from the ideal point in the sky due simply to atmospheric refraction. In that case you have repositioned the mount to a bogus reference point and the next slew to any object (or park) will be off by that distance. In any GoTo mount all subsequent slews are always referenced to the previous synced position. And that can lead to errors depending on where that last sync was done.


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Thanks. That's what I wanted to know regarding the next unpark.

I start from a iPad app. The time is accurate to under a second. What does "local time in a time zone is not very accurate" mean?

Roland Christen

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