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Check the length of the screws that secure the dovetail saddle to the Dec top plate.    The screws should not extend more than ¼” to 3/8” beyond the thickness of the dovetail saddle.






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I have got a issue with my mach1 I have owned the mount for 3 weeks now and the mount seems to be grinding on something on the dec axis when there is just the dovetail clamp on it and when its loaded up it's very difficult to move I have made sure all the clutch knobs are loose i have stripped the top part down given it a good clean made sure the clutch brakes (not sure if thats the correct term) are clean and free reassembled but no diffrent.The ra runs smooth and free  so I can get a good balance in that direction but no chance in dec. The mount is a 2014 model not sure if that matters   

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