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Ted Mickle


What new capabilities will CP4 owners enjoy with Version 5 compared to the current keypad version?



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The new keypad version 5 is not available for the GTOCP4 yet, but will be soon. The instructions for the flip are in keypad manual. This manual must be updated for use with the CP4 since there are some critical differences in other functions.


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The flip is not based on meridian delay. The scope flips when you press the button. This feature is in the CP4/5 version P02-08 and is activated via the latest keypad software.




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Hi Rolando, 

Is this pier flip based on meridian delay? Or is it an instantaneous dedicated flip feature? And is the hand controller path inside an AP instruction manual somewhere? I want to check it before purchasing the CP4 that I'm told I need, thanks again. 
Raymond D Palmer
Western Australia

Roland Christen

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