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Christopher Erickson

Always appreciated!

However I am trying to get them back on-sky quickly. Trying to avoid the delay of shipping from/to Hawaii and whatever additional time needed on the bench. I opened up the unit and don't find anything obvious. Connectors are fine, no cold solder joints and the voltage regulator is fine. It could have been popped from GRP from a nearby lightning strike.

Eventual plan is to have them get a brand-new CP4, if and when they get some budget to work with again.
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On Wed, Feb 3, 2021 at 6:06 PM Roland Christen via <> wrote:
Send the broken one in and we'll see what's what with it. Maybe easily fixable.


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One of the smaller UofH observatories I shepherd over here in Hawaii is using a 1200 and the existing CP3 has died. The budget for this particular research project is currently frozen so they can't simply replace it with a CP4. So my thought is that I will give them a CP3 to keep them going but first I have to find one. So if anyone here is willing to sell me an old CP3 that I can in-turn donate to the VYSOS-12 observatory, please contact me off-list.

Christopher dot k dot erickson at Gmail dot com.

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Roland Christen

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