Re: Mounting requirements for a Stellarvue SVR90T


On Tue, Feb 2, 2021 at 02:17 AM, rtlangland wrote:
Hopefully I can provide some useful information. My first suggestion would be to contact George at Astro Physics. See what he says. I have an AP 1100 mount and am using it with a Stellarvue SV102T. It comes with a Vixen mounting rail and I suspect that your Stellarvue SVR90T also uses a Vixon mounting rail. I used to have a Stellarvue SVR90T but never used it on the AP1100 but it had a Vixen mounting rail.  If my information is correct, neither of the Dovetail Saddle Plates you have referred to in your email will accommodate a Vixen mounting rail. 
Thanks for the info. My SVR90T was the 'Raptor' version, and I don't believe it came with any rail, just the clamshell. I used to just mount it on a photo tripod using a Markins plate.

On further investigation, and some measurements, I think the 16" Dovetail Saddle Plate (DOVELM162) would be ok. Then I should be able to mount the clamshell straight to a 12 inch dovetail plate (SBD12) as it has built in clearance. The SBD16 would not have worked as it didn't provide any clearance and was far too long.

Does George hang out here? Confirmation of my expectations would be great.

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