Re: Mounting requirements for a Stellarvue SVR90T



Hopefully I can provide some useful information. My first suggestion would be to contact George at Astro Physics. See what he says. I have an AP 1100 mount and am using it with a Stellarvue SV102T. It comes with a Vixen mounting rail and I suspect that your Stellarvue SVR90T also uses a Vixon mounting rail. I used to have a Stellarvue SVR90T but never used it on the AP1100 but it had a Vixen mounting rail.  If my information is correct, neither of the Dovetail Saddle Plates you have referred to in your email will accommodate a Vixen mounting rail. 

I am using the10” AP Saddle DOVEDV10. It will handle both vixen and Losmandy mounting plates. I have no trouble with the end clearance with this mounting plate as the overhang provides plenty of room for a flattner and the DSLR camera attached to the focusing tube.  I am also using a Stellarvue SV070T on the AP1100  mount. However, because it is a much shorter focal and tube length, I need to use a set of risers attached to the standard vixen mount so the camera assembly clears the mounting plate.

Hope this is informative. My guess is that you would not need risers for the SVR90T because its focal length is about the same as the SV 102 that I am currently using on my AP1100 mount.

On Jan 30, 2021, at 3:59 AM, astro@... wrote:

Was hoping somebody might be able to confirm that the following should allow me to mount my SVR90T onto the 1100GTO?

- 16" Dovetail Saddle Plate (DOVELM162)
- 16" Versatile Dovetail Plate (SBD16)

Would adding Riser Blocks be a good idea to gain some extra clearance?


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