Re: Mount keeps going to zero tracking

Peter Bresler

The issue must have been triggered by really disrupted the evening. As I said, it resolved with a new sequence.....had to re-enter all the parameters.

I have a couple of other suggestions/problems with APCC. I cannot view the error logs or close the errors even if I select the error log window. The only way to clear the errors is to restart APCC. It would be nice to be able to unconditionally close the program without having to close SGP and PHD2 first. It gives a warning, but you still cannot close APCC unless the other apps. are closed first. It is difficult to partially minimize the screen to use it to move the mount while seeing the effect in another application. You cannot unminimize SGP or PHD2 from the tray if the APCC screen is up. Other than that it is a great program, especially compared to what some other manufacturers have!

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