Re: Find my CP4!!! How annoying!

Ray Gralak

Hi Tom,

APCC broadcasts a message to your entire LAN so some reasons why the CP4 would not have responded are:

1. The CP4 wasn't powered on.
2. The CP4 or computer were not connected to the same LAN subnet.
3. The CP4 was configured incorrectly for the LAN (e.g. a static IP inconsistent with the router's subnet).
4. The router hadn't provided an IP address to the CP4 via DHCP.
5. The router blocked the broadcasts.

In cases where you can't figure out the problem, it might be worthwhile to have an alternate way to connect (i.e., serial or USB cable).

-Ray Gralak
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Yes I found that option except it did not work at all. No mounts show up.
In fact my router does not even show that the CP4 is on line or off line. It does however assign an IP address.
The router is as state of the art as can be, a WiFi 6 router. I am using a cabled connection from the CP4, not
There is one other device on my Net that does not show up. An aquarium controller.

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