Re: Find my CP4!!! How annoying!

Ray Gralak

Hi Tom,

Thank you guys so much! The scanner worked. I had been entering the IP address manually and gave up at was 157 lol...
This is nuts though. The tool should be in the APPC or astro-physics folder. One should not have to go through
so many hoops to get this.
APCC has a function to find your CP4 if it is on your LAN and assigned an IP address by your router, which looks like the case from what you said above.

-Ray Gralak
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Yes I know. However, you require a user name and password to get access to it.
Hence I was wondering if I needed to wait until Monday to get it.
Not very user friendly. If a person is at a remote site they could have wasted time going there. I can understand
that perhaps there is some considerations about intellectual property, but in this case, an IP scanner tool does
the same thing. Not to mention that if it is at a remote site, you don't necessarily have access to the serial
IMO, It should just install with APPC.
Best regards, Tom

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