Re: Find my CP4!!! How annoying!

Sébastien Doré

Hi Tom,

Three things I would try:

1) You could use an IP scanner utility (such as and scan the entire subnet (use the 3 first bytes of your computer's IP address + .0/24. e.g. if your IP is, type-in in the search bar of the scanner app). If your CP4 actually has an IP address in the same subnet as your computer, it should find and list it.

2) Use the following math (from the CP4 manual) to calculate the default IP address and connect directly to your CP4 through an ethernet cable. Then change the IP address of your network card to with subnet mask :

3) If you still can't find it, use the IP scanner app again to scan the entire subnet. That could take a couple of minutes as it  needs to go through the 65,000+ possible adresses, but should find it in the end.

Hope this helps...


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Objet : [ap-gto] Find my CP4!!! How annoying!
Well, after a power failure I go out to use my scope and the IP address is changed.  Looking through my router, there is no indication of it.
So, read the manual and I have to download a JAVA applet.
It needs a user name and password!!!
Any alternatives or do I have to wait until Monday for the shop to open?
First time in my life I have seen a network interface with no possibility to do anything except guess.

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