Mountains and Dragons - IC1805

Roland Christen

Hello Astronuts,

Finally got around to processing the heart of the Heart nebula, IC 1805. This was a difficult image for me because of continual thin clouds that prevented getting some of the fainter narrowband data. I managed to shoot 10.5 hours of H-a but only 3.5 hours of OIII and 5.5 hours of SII. The latter two took a lot of noise reduction to bring in. Fortunately the main detail is in H-a, so I used that for a small amount of Luminance. Most of the frames were imaged unguided, the other half was guided.

Image and details at:

160EDF with 155 EDF piggyback on the Mach2 mount, QSI 683WSG camera, Lodestar guide camera.


Roland Christen

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