Re: Simple Mobile APP for control of mount

Micheal Fields Jr

If I have a PC with APCC Pro running and connected to the mount and I have built a pointing model, does the mount use that model if I connect via wifi with my phone and tell it to go-to an object?  Eg, does the mount, when told by my iPhone / Sky Safari Pro to slew to an object, use the model on the PC that is also currently connected to the mount?

If so it would not be a big deal to set it all up to auto-connect to the mount upon bootup and use some small book sized PC connected via USB cable and use the iPhone or Android as a hand controller.  eg, the regular mount's hand controller could be mimicked by the smart device.  If said smart device was also on the same local network as the mount, perhaps it could also communicate with APCC Pro and/or the ASCOM driver to send syncs to build a pointing model if one doesn't already exist.

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