Re: Flexure or tracking? (Another "cold night" from northern Indiana)

Don Anderson

If the OEM fans are causing these kinds of problems, wouldn't FLI replace them? For the kind of money those puppies cost, I can't believe they are not there for you.

Don Anderson

On Wednesday, January 27, 2021, 02:47:46 p.m. MST, Mike Dodd <mike@...> wrote:

> Following up with this, I decided to go ahead and replace my camera
> fans, but I'm having trouble finding a good low vibration fan.  Noctua
> is regarded as the best but they don't make the size I need
> (50mmx50mm).  Any other small case fan brand  recommendations?

I have used Sunon Maglev fans for many years with good results:

--- Mike

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