Re: Simple Mobile APP for control of mount

Mike Dodd

On 1/27/2021 8:20 PM, wrote:
... I do
hope to ultimately use the 1100 remotely.
I routinely use Windows Remote Desktop to control everything in my observatory (300 feet away) over an CAT5 Ethernet link. I power-up the observatory, start the PC, then log-in. The observatory's desktop appears on my home PC monitor, and I can launch any app remotely.

I use ACP for automated imaging, but I also have TheSkyX out there, and can connect to my AP-1200 mount and slew it while in SkyX. I also can launch and control MaxIm and FocusMax remotely.

Some details are on my website here: <>

(I almost never have to brave the cold to collect images. :-)


--- Mike

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