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Hello Bob,


The webpage that has the control Options diagram also has a link to more detailed information including a link to Sky Safari


There is also a program called Luminos by Wobbleworks for iOS. We need to update the website to show this link, as well.



Clear Skies,

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Subject: [ap-gto] Simple Mobile APP for control of mount


Hi all

Looking forward to being a proud new owner (fingers crossed) of an 1100, and so will have a few queries between now and the impending birth.

First off, I have been looking over the Control Options diagram on the website. I am hoping there is a simple mobile app (not star chart or planetarium) that can be used to control the mount via wifi. In the diagram I see something that says ACP on iPad in the Ascom section. I am assuming that is what I am after, but for the life of me cannot find it in the Apple Store.

Any ideas?

115E 32S

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