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Roland Christen

By all accounts that's an excellent image. How do you like the longer focal ratio of F8.35? That scope was made when F8 was considered fast. We have become somewhat spoiled since those days.


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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share a shot of M82 showing how well my AP900 handled the 130mm f/8.35 during an unexpected (to me) wind storm last week. Not a great image compared with many on here, but considering the flying tree branches, it turned out well.

I stupidly forgot to check the weather before setting up on a clear, dry night on the back deck.  What I didn't realize was that a rather large wind storm was bearing down on the SF Bay Area later that night.  I woke up to a gust that my weather station recorded at 29 mph, so in a panic I ran outside to see if everything was ok.  Mount seemed find, and to my surprise it was still guiding and the subs looks rather good.  Fat bright stars from the bad seeing, but otherwise the wind didn't see to be affecting anything.

Image located here:

I bought my 900 new from AP back in 1999, and not an imaging session goes by without me marveling at the quality and ability of this mount.  It's newly upgraded with a CP4 and APCC Pro (the CP4 had to go back for a warranty fix of some internal component, and I'm happy to say it's back working flawless again). APCC is worth every penny, as the tracking and pointing models are a fantastic upgrade from my old CP2 box. 


Roland Christen

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