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Hey Rolando,


I know this is a bit off topic for AP stuff and this thread, but since it’s part of your original post and you brought it up! 8>)


I used Clear Sky Clock for several years, until it failed to work for me as I worked up higher in the Samsung Galaxy phone line. I believe when I hit the S10 model  is when it quit working for me and I was forced to try other apps, but have always liked it the best. As I go back to the Google Play store now to see if they’ve done an upgrade, it’s not even an option any more. I know it’s a Canadian weatherman that wrote the app and supported it and perhaps you know him so…. Sometimes it’s not what you know, but WHO you know. 8>) And since I see you are still using it, I have a few simple questions.


Do you know Allen, the author, and he’s supplying you with a special AP option? (Sweet) 8>)

Have you simply had it a long time and still using an older Android phone and he still supports it?

Or are you using an Apple device and that’s where it’s at now and no longer available for Android us users? (My luck)


Inquiring minds want to know.



Proud owner of an 1100 mount for almost a year now. I love to just see and hear it operate in the observatory; in my opinion it is of upmost quality of craftsmanship and approaches a work of art. Best mount I’ve ever had!




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Hi Astronuts,


First clear night in a month, fired up the 160 EDF on the Mach2 mount at the AP observatory. There's also a 155 EDF riding piggyback, but not being used tonight. It's 5 deg F (-15C) right now with very clear air. The temperature is dropping like an anvil off a cliff. Seeing is, well see below (poor - 2 out of 5). The mount is tracking with MaximDL, multi-star tracking mode and averaging 0.15 rms arc sec. This is the first time in a year that I've operated this mount in such cold conditions. My fingers are freezing after only 5 minutes of operating out there. But for clear skies, it's worth it.


Shooting the Rosette in Ha with the Moon straight up.




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Roland Christen

Roland Christen

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