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Roland Christen

You mentioned the APCC buttons.  Are you referring to the ones on the AP hand controller?
There are move buttons in both. I was confused by what you were posting about the Jog function, I mixed it up with the move buttons on SkyX.

Yes, it's supposed to move a certain amount of arc seconds in Jog. I don't know why it would not, that's something the Bisques will have to investigate.


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I think the operation you describe is what the TSX MOVE buttons do.  You first select a rate, 1x, 12x, 64x, etc. and then press the desired direction button.  The mount moves at the selected rate until the button is released.  With the JOG function, you select a distance in arc-seconds or arc-minutes and then press and release the button for the desired direction.  The scope is supposed to move the correct ancular distance and then stop.  Unfortunately, last night, the scope moved and then took off slowly to the southwest.  The star I was trying to center left a streak on the image display.  It took me a moment to realize what was happening.  Rather than try to regain software control, I went out and unplugged the scope power.  I then started everything back up and reconnected.  As a test, I repeated the process with the same result.  This same procedure worked fine with an older version of TSX.  I recently "upgraded" to add camera control functions to replace my old CCDSoft V5 software.  For now, I'll  steer clear of the JOG buttons, but hopefully the guys at Software Bisque will be able to fix the problem. 

You mentioned the APCC buttons.  Are you referring to the ones on the AP hand controller?


Roland Christen

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