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thefamily90 Phillips

Yikes!! Sounds like my idea of fun! Hope you are dressed appropriately.



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Subject: [ap-ug] Mach2 - Imaging in frigid night
Hi Astronuts,

First clear night in a month, fired up the 160 EDF on the Mach2 mount at the AP observatory. There's also a 155 EDF riding piggyback, but not being used tonight. It's 5 deg F (-15C) right now with very clear air. The temperature is dropping like an anvil off a cliff. Seeing is, well see below (poor - 2 out of 5). The mount is tracking with MaximDL, multi-star tracking mode and averaging 0.15 rms arc sec. This is the first time in a year that I've operated this mount in such cold conditions. My fingers are freezing after only 5 minutes of operating out there. But for clear skies, it's worth it.

Shooting the Rosette in Ha with the Moon straight up.


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