Re: Mach2 - Imaging in frigid night

Jeff B

Just came in myself.  I'm located in my living room, warming up in front of the fireplace, in my comfy chair, jammies on, wrapped in my thick bathrobe, feet propped up on the ottoman wearing my pink bunny slippers, but also a nice glass of bourbon, neat of course.   A nice way to warm up.   


On Fri, Jan 22, 2021 at 8:59 PM Terry Martin <terry@...> wrote:
Hi Rolando,

How can I tell whether my Mach2 has Extended Temperature Encoders in it or not?  I just received my Mach2 a couple days ago and there was no paper work with it.  Supposedly, I ordered the mount from a vendor with the Extended Temp encoders, but I don't know what I got.


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