Re: Mach2 - Imaging in frigid night

Roland Christen

I did the final assembly on all the Mach2 mounts, and your mount was ordered with Low Temp encoders, and that's what it has in it. You ordered from your dealer who probably kept the paperwork that you should have received. I have the order list and it shows the serial numbers of the encoder and ring set as being low temp. You would have to disassemble the encoder enclosure to see the readhead, something I would advise not to do since everything is calibrated.


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Hi Rolando,

How can I tell whether my Mach2 has Extended Temperature Encoders in it or not?  I just received my Mach2 a couple days ago and there was no paper work with it.  Supposedly, I ordered the mount from a vendor with the Extended Temp encoders, but I don't know what I got.


Roland Christen

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