Re: OT Un-Read Subject Font Color

Dale Ghent

There's a way to get Chrome to display certain sites in High Contrast mode, although it's not straight-forward to enable. This might help you with colors, which I don't think are under a mailing list owner's control on

I just tried it on and it does seem to work, and might be a solution for you on this and other sites. Instructions are here:

Note it involves enabling a flag in Chrome and then downloading the High Contrast extension here:


On Jan 21, 2021, at 09:52, jimmyjujames <> wrote:

Hello Karen

I use Chrome as my web browser these days

The default un-read subject font color is a light-blue
The read subject font color changes to black.

My old eyes do not easily differentiate light-blue from black at the small default font size.

My work-around is to increase font size to 150% with Control-plus.

I've looked in and Chrome-Settings for color preferences.
Hopefully I missed it somewhere but,

Increasing font size to 150% with Control-plus is not a problem. remembers my last font size change so I only need to increase font size (Control-Plus) to 150% once.

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