Re: Pier Crash - need help diagnosing #ASCOM_V2_Driver

Joel Short

On Mon, Oct 26, 2020 at 01:43 PM, Roland Christen wrote:
For those who want to try setting a limit, here are the commands:

:LR0#  turns off limits
:LR2#  turns on limits at 5 degrees past meridian, bounces back 6 degrees and parks the mount (motors de-energized).
I'm finally getting around to updating the CP4 to firmware AP-CP4-vcpx-p02-08.  I used the USB utility and all went well.
I would like to turn on the limit at 5 degrees past meridian.  In the Terminal tab of the USB utility I typed in    :LR2#    and hit send.  The only response I got back was "1".  Did it upload correctly?

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