Re: Bad initial guiding on my AP600e


I used this mount when I was getting started in AP.  I have since upgraded to a newer AP mount 
This mount has significant stiction on the DEC axis. This appears as backlash when you calibrate with PhD or any other software. But this isn't backlash in the true sense of the term. This mount uses plane bearings on the DEC axis that are quite sufficient for the payload but unfortunately suffers from stiction.
The mount will not move over several commands and then suddenly take off.  It has overcompensated now and will again have to be guided back.  And then it goes on oscillating. RA guiding is usually awesome but DEC guiding is a disaster. 

I do not know a good solution to the stiction issue, maybe a light lubricant on the DEC axis rather than a heavy one may help but it may introduce other issues. 

But there is a very easy workaround: Dont polar align too precisely.  Set phD to guide in only one direction on the DEC axis. When it is moving in only one direction, there is very little stiction. You will see your problems go away.

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