Bad initial guiding on my AP600e

Tom Blahovici

I have run into something with PhD guider that I would like feedback here first before going to their forum.
I use Voyager, and the way this works and the problem is :
1) It does a precise goto to an object.  In other words it does a goto, then it plate solves and if the error is less than 18" it starts the PhD guiding.
2) On this first positioning, and the start of guiding, the dec axis plot is drifting down a lot.  You can see that there is a lot of corrections being made.  As the Dec drift gets worse than 2" of arc, Voyager aborts.
3) Voyager, restarts the guiding and then all is OK.  The overall guiding is better than 0.5" over 20 minutes.

If I look at the PhD guiding assistant it tells me I need 2300 ms of dec backlash compensation.  So is this related to Dec backlash?
I am using a CP4. 

Thanks for any insight.

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