Re: RAPAS Polar Alignment App No Longer Available in Apple App Store

Derek K.

The Polar Scope Align app enables adjustments for atmospheric refraction plus “Aberration and Nutation” by default. 

It may be interesting to experiment with disabling each adjustment via selectors in the “Advanced settings” menu accessible from the gear-shaped icon on the bottom right in the iOS version, to gauge the impact on the estimated Local Hour Angle and North Celestial Pole distance.


On Monday, January 18, 2021, 08:14, M Hambrick <mhambrick563@...> wrote:

Thanks Jeff

I bought the Polar Scope Align Pro Watch app for my iPhone yesterday and I kept my old A-P Polar Align app as well. The Polar Scope Align app warns that the position of Polaris may not exactly match the year rings in the reticle. For example, I notice that Polaris is positioned closer to the 2030 ring than the 2020 ring. I also noticed comparing the position of Polaris in the Polar Scope Align versus the A-P Polar Align apps that Polaris is about 5 minutes "faster" in the Polar Scope Align app than it is in the A-P Polar Align app.

In any case, I am assuming that the Polar Scope Align app is more up-to-date and I will align my mount as close as possible to where the app is telling me Polaris should be.



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