Re: RAPAS Polar Alignment App No Longer Available in Apple App Store

M Hambrick

Thanks Jeff

I bought the Polar Scope Align Pro Watch app for my iPhone yesterday and I kept my old A-P Polar Align app as well. The Polar Scope Align app warns that the position of Polaris may not exactly match the year rings in the reticle. For example, I notice that Polaris is positioned closer to the 2030 ring than the 2020 ring. I also noticed comparing the position of Polaris in the Polar Scope Align versus the A-P Polar Align apps that Polaris is about 5 minutes "faster" in the Polar Scope Align app than it is in the A-P Polar Align app.

In any case, I am assuming that the Polar Scope Align app is more up-to-date and I will align my mount as close as possible to where the app is telling me Polaris should be.



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